Commercial Property Dealings in Singapore

Singapore has the most prosperous economy among other countries, and huge credit goes to their eased taxation properties, supporting many foreign investors in putting the capital into the country without paying hefty taxes.

Whenever someone thinks about investment in Singapore property, a commercial one is preferred due to variation of choices and lesser restriction compare to residential property, although the final decision still depends on their budget and personal preferences, below are the various types of commercial property that eligible to purchase as a foreigner.

Types of Commercial Property in Singapore

  • 1-Industrial property: The industrial sector basically includes of factories, warehouses. Attached factory office is allowed, however, min. 60% of floor area must covered for industry activities.

Industrial property is divided into two categories:

  • B1: Used for light industry (warehouse, assemble of products etc)
  • B2: Used for heavy industry (carpentry or motor car maintenance etc)
  • 2-Retail property: Retail property includes of  Restaurants, retail units in shopping mall, shophouse and so on. Invest in a retails property might be a good idea if you run a retail business, to have a permanent place to carry on business without any concern of tenancy issues.

Meanwhile, invest in retails property normally can expect higher rental yield than residential.

3-Office :  Singapore is the financial center of Asia and even to worldwide,  many grade A office buildings located in CBD, it provide investors sufficient supply and choice with office spaces of highest quality, professionally maintained, good security and services.


Taxes In Commercial Property

Here comes the most important yet neglected portion, which every person desiring to buy commercial property should keep in their mind whilst finalizing their decision, where to buy and what to buy:

The answer is Singapore and might be commercial properties, because Singapore is well known for low taxation policies, relatively have lower taxation compare to many other countries:

1-Stump Duty: Stamp duty for commercial property is paid by buyer at the time of purchase ,

The calculations are as follows:

  • 1% of the first SGD 180,000
  • 2% of the second SGD 180,000
  • 3% of the remaining value

2-Property Tax: You will need to pay the yearly property tax at the end of the year. It is levied at 10% of the annual value. Taxes are usually calculated as per the estimation of yearly rental income. However it can be different from one to another, If you want to learn more about the annual value and how to calculate the yearly property tax, arrange a meeting or video call with our property and taxation experts at Base consultancy.

3-Capital Gains Tax: As the biggest concern of investor, you can have a peace of mind when invest in Singapore, Capital gain tax does not charge for commercial or residential property here.

Singapore has an ever-green and growing economy that foreign investors can take benefit from. Singapore’s Government has operational planning for their economy and taxation policies. Enormous transparency and efficiency in the taxation system attract investors to put their hard-earned capital in this country.

Base Consulting Services is among the top companies providing assistance and consultation,  for foreign clients who desire to purchase properties in Singapore. There are lots of profit and earnings opportunity in owning commercial properties as these properties are more likely to rented out and get rental yield and capital gain at the same time.

Commercial property has lesser restriction for foreigner investors compare to residential, also has lower tax rate during purchase and yearly maintenance.

We provide services related to purchasing commercial properties. Our licensed property experts are always there to guide settling various sorts of investment in office, retail and industrial property, you can entirely rely on Base to cater your investment needs!

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