Pre-schooling Education in Singapore

If you are a parent or guardian, who are planning to


* give your children an overseas education from early childhood.

* migrate anytime soon to Singapore with your young children.


then you may need to know the charges and choices for preschools along with relocation visa procedure in Singapore for your beloved ones.

Pre-schools in Singapore

In Singapore, Preschools are mainly divided into four sections of playgroup of children of different age groups.

N1 section is for children aged 2 to 3 years,

N2 section is for children of age 3 to 4 years

KI is for children of 4 to 5 years and

K2 for children aged 5 to 6 years.

Kindergartens under Ministry of Education (MOE)

Singapore has around 15 kindergartens under MOE. These MOE kindergartens are in the areas of primary schools and community space. Kindergarten basically has two educational sections, i.e., K1 & K2.

The kindergartens runs four hours of weekdays for working and training the children for Primary 1. The programs are designed to give nourishment and development to the children.

In this program, children are trained in the English language and three Mother Tongue Languages (MTL), i.e., Malay, Tamil, and Chinese. Singaporean children are taught to learn and understand words and their meanings through rhymes, stories, and poems in the Starlight Literacy Program.

International Preschools

International School usually offer preschool program, parents from others countries who work in Singapore are likely send their children to the relevant international school, but the charges normally higher than the local preschools.


The program offered can be similar includes motor skills and knowledge, classes in Kindermusic, Chinese language classes, creative writing, literacy classes, etc. yet normally such preschool have bigger campus and more factilities for children to access


The curriculum helps the child to explore and interact in their school environment, wherein children are tested through their own intellect through the school enquiry approach. However, parents have to understand that all private preschools are now under the Education Ministry’s supervision.


After reading the guide, you will have clear overview of Preschool system in Singapore. We are hoping that the guide will certainly help you in deciding the best choice for your child to preschool. Education is the basic right of every children either permanent resident or an immigrant.

Student Visa and Dependent Visa:

Parents entering country must have to get dependent pass for their child

  • For Children who attend the preschools, a student visa will be issued
  • Singapore allow child’s mother or grandmother to accompany the child staying in Singapore during preschool study period, dependent pass will be issued for the adult who take care of the child, and employment allowed by government.

Base Consultancy is a top consulting company which dealing with every possible issue related to early age education in Singapore. Our team of experts help many young children and their mothers or even grandmothers to relocated in Singapore successfully. So that as a foreigner, they still can enjoy the safe, harmony and high quality of education and living environment in Singapore.

Email or have a live chat with our dedicate and professional staff for the advice of your education planning.

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