Start A Business in Singapore

No Initial Capital

Set up an Asia HQ without
any initial capital investment,
with instantly available
office, staff, and professional

Fully Localised

With understanding of the
local language and culture,
we bring your business closer
to the end customer


Modular and customisable
business package to fulfill
your needs


Sales, admin and marketing modular with other add ons


Basic daily sales routine covering the full sales transaction cycle


Full spectrum of daily branch office operation  routines, exclusive  account  manager

We are Good At What We do

Are you in search of consulting services for your new business in Singapore? BASE Global Consultancy will provide the resources you need to help your business achieve its globalisation objectives.


Rules & Regulations

Business compliance with local law


Culture & Market

Customise your products to fit the unique ASEAN markets



Professional services and local collaboration at your fingertips

Company Incorporation

Incorporation of Singapore Company and handling all neccessary legal procedures.

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Company Secretarial

Secretarial services to ensure full compliance with the statutory and regulatory requirements of Singapore.
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Accounting & Tax Services

Premium services for tax and accounting.

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Payroll Services

Handling of payroll tasks in compliance with CPF regulations.

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Open Bank Account

Choosing the suitable corporate bank account for your needs.

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Visa & Work Passes

All foreigners who intend to work/study in Singapore must have a valid pass.
Find out which pass is suitable to you

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Headhunting Services

Ensure that the right talent is matched with the right role.
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Regional Office Setup

Assess your company's suitability for the government's Regional Office Scheme

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BASE Will guide You Every Step Of The Way


One-Stop Service

Full range of service starting from company registration down to operating your Singapore office.


Matching Talents

We help you recruit talented individuals who are well-skilled and experienced.


Compliance Maintenance

Improve business stability by ensuring statutory compliance with Singapore Laws.

Benefits of Incorporation in Singapore

Singapore one of the central hubs of South-East Asia with world renowned air and sea ports, facilitating over 19 million travellers in 2019. Its central location allows convenient access to the entire region, making it an attractive location for investments worldwide.

The most noteworthy benefits of incorporation in Singapore is the tax system, Business friendly environment allow businesses to enjoy very low tax rates. Furthermore, Singapore also offers Avoidance of Double Taxation Agreements (DTAs) – When your company earns foreign income from a treaty partner, you may wish to claim the benefits under the DTA that entitles a company not to pay tax or to pay tax at a reduced rate in the foreign jurisdiction.

Base Global will help you achieve maximum tax relief in Singapore.