Let our qualified secretary assist your business

A qualified secretary must be:

  • Singapore resident (Either a Singapore citizen or permanent resident)
  • He/She must be proficient in Singapore Companies Act.

Furthermore, there are a few things to note when appointing a company secretary. Firstly, company directors must ensure that the company secretary must have relevant experience, academic and professional qualifications. Secondly, the sole director of the company and the company secretary can not be the same person. Moreover, the position of the company secretary cannot be vacant for more than 6 months at any times.

Responsibilities of Company Secretary

In accordance with Singapore Company act , All companies in Singapore are required to hold AGMs.

An annual general meeting (AGM) is a way for a company to present its financial statements (accounts) to shareholders (members). Shareholders can then ask questions about the health of the business.

Secretary involves most activities before, during and after the committee meeting.

The company secretary is responsible for performing certain duties to ensure the smooth progress of the meeting, which involves activities before, during and after the committee meeting.

Secretary is responsible for maintaining and updating the statutory register and any changes that requires updating with ACRA.

Every company has their own company regulations , the company secretary has the responsible to ensure the company and its directors adhere by the rules set out by the Constitution of the Company at all times.

Secretary is responsible to ensure the company seal under their safe custody and also use it on documents when required.

The company secretary will assist in preparing and distributing the company’s annual report, accounts, interim statement and directors’ report.  also must ensure that all reports comply with the company’s legal requirements and submit these statements to the registrar.